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Packing Properly

Packing can sound a trivial thing to do, but believe me once you start to pack in the things while shifting your base you are going to get the real taste of what it feels life stuffing boxes! Yes, it is the toughest thing that I have ever done in my life but a few tips changed the way I packed. Now, if you are going to move to your new residence in a week or so (just like I did), it is imperative that you chalk out a proper plan to get your belongings packed.

There are people who do not want to take the hassle of packing their household goods and instead avail the packing services made available by the moving companies. It is indeed a good idea only if you have loads of money to spend on moving your lifeless belongings to your new residence. If you belong to the herd that I do then packing is something that can become a great money saver for you. Packing properly is an art and it takes a very little time to master the same. Packing properly requires a few things like a proper packing strategy, proper packing materials and proper packing attitude. Yes, if you want to save your hard earned money then it is a must that you have all these three things.

Moving is an expensive option and you can hire the services of a moving company and you can save a lot if you take up the packing job a little seriously. Let us look at the three things one by one so that you get a clear picture.

a) Proper packing strategy - This is in fact the most important thing. You need to devise a strategy so that you do not forget packing some of the essential things that you require and it is also necessary that you pack your belongings in a way that you ensure their safety while being transported. You need to make a list of the items that you have to move and then prioritize their packing accordingly. It is better that you start your packing with the smaller items like photo frames, books, letters, crockery items, gift items. Then you can move into the section like the crockery, electrical appliances and furniture. Lastly, you can think about your vehicles like cars or bikes. This will make your packing a lot more organized and you will be able to pack things very easily.

b) Proper packing materials- Proper making materials are another aspect of packing. Start arranging for the packing boxes, tapes and bubble wraps way before you actually start packing. You can get vacant cartons from the nearest grocery or local store (they give them away for free). Sometimes the departmental stores may charge for the boxes but nowhere near to what the moving companies charge. Pack the delicate items with extra care because they are vulnerable to damages during transport.

c) Proper packing attitude- It solely depends on you whether you are going to pack your belongings all alone or hire the services of a professional packer. The latter is a costly option but it saves you from a lot of hassles as well as your valuable time.
Relying on the above three points can help you pack off your items in a jiffy and also save you a lot of money.

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