Self Storage Issues that May Determine your Self Storage Options

Self storage options at are considered on the basis of how they respond to the needs of the client seeking storage services. An ideal choice should be balanced not only in terms of cost but also how secure the luggage is at the facility. Even more important are the conditions under which the goods are kept.

The location of the self storage facility is important as it determines access to luggage. Items that need to be accessed frequently must be kept in a way that will allow the owner to enjoy such privileges. If one wants to have access to them throughout the day, they should look for a facility that allows such a condition.

Since it determines the overall storage cost, space is a significant consideration. At, we recommend that one should select a facility based on the amount of space they need. This is also related to the amount of luggage they need to keep. One should consider not only what they have to store currently but also what could other storage needs could arise in the immediate future.

Storage conditions
The kind of luggage to be stored will most definitely affect the choice of storage facility. If one wants certain levels of moisture as well temperatures maintained in the ware house, they should state such intentions at the earliest opportunity. The need to ensure different conditions for luggage may see one having to use two different storage facilities. One must also be ware that facilities where climate is controlled may attract higher charges as opposed to the others.

Storage period
Moving companies utilize the storage facilities they control as an important resource. This space acts as a source of income hence they charge for the entire duration that one is using them. When a client opts for self storage, the shorter the period they use the facility the less money they are likely to pay. However, clients who have had long standing relationships with the moving company may enjoy preferential rates.

Packing luggage
Since clients pay for the amount of time and space they use during self storage we have specialist who work with the client to work out their storage requirements. This includes coming up with the proper storage conditions for the items. Packing can help to protect delicate items from potential damage as a result of falls or knocks. Proper packing can also improve the accessibility of goods.

The kind of luggage being stored will generally affect the kind and location of storage facility that will be in use. Since the client retains plenty of control over the property during self storage, it is important to exercise much caution. Flammable items for instance must be kept out of the way preferably outside the storage building. emphasizes that refrigerators should be stored with their doors open to guard against the growth of molds. Finally, one must resist the temptation of stretching the stipulated duration for using the facility.

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