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International moves need not be a nightmare. Movers need to make adequate preparations that will ensure the move goes as per plan without any hitches. provides information on how such a plan can be formulated and implemented.

Selecting the destination
Before making an international relocation, one must choose their preferred destination. This could be a country, a state or even a continent. One should also choose a specific location in their new environment where they intend to settle. However, this does not have to be a on a permanent basis. Movers can opt to stay there temporarily as they prospect on an ideal place to settle permanently.

Know your host country
At we encourage movers gather as much information as they can on their intended destination. Such information will include knowing the security authorities, getting all the emergency service numbers, knowing where the American embassy is located and how to get in touch with it, have an idea of how to the transport network including nearest port, train station, airport or bus park. One must find about if there are storage services within their new residence. This is necessary if they hope to use such facilities for some time.

Issues that could affect an international move
In addition to finding out if there is a moving company in the vicinity to where the international relocation is headed, there are legal and health issues that movers have to contend with. Some countries will require visitors entering their country to be vaccinated against certain diseases. Others have pet restriction rules among others. One should also find out if they will be required to change the registration particulars of motor vehicles at the point of entry.

Choosing what luggage to carry
Depending on what kind of transport arrangements a mover has made, it may or may not be possible to relocate with all luggage at a go. For this reason we recommend that a mover prepare a checklist of all the important items that they want to take with them. Once this is done, the packaged items should be confirmed against the checklist to ensure that none of these items is left behind.

Packing considerations
Packing can be considered as one of the most important steps during a move. Ensuring that you take what you require and save on space by leaving what you will not require is a tricky affair. Many people have sentimental attachments to items that can be considered unnecessary. At, we have packing specialist who work in collaboration with the client come up with a packaging solution to suit his / her needs. By doing this, clients are able to save shipping cost as the end result will be a smaller load comprising only of the important items that he / she will require.

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