Auto Shipping Checklist – Tying the loose ends

Auto shipping is an exercise that can become frustrating for both the car owner as well as the moving company. This is the main reason why recommends that car owners should make adequate prior preparations before embarking on exercise.

Various factors should taken into consideration before settling for an auto shipping company to handle the logistical requirements. These factors will impact on the cost, quality of the service and have an outcome on the final result. A checklist of the things to consider will include:

When looking for auto movers, it is essential to consider what distance the auto shipping firm will have to cover. All the other costs to be incurred will be pegged on the distance to be covered. The costs will be higher for longer distances and lower for short distances. For this reason, it is best to go for movers with an international presence and preferably with an office within the area one is shipping the car to. Our operations at are spread across the states and we have an elaborate and extensive network.

Determine shipping dates
Shipping dates and time are very important. The repercussions of getting this wrong can be as dire as losing one’s the car. Both parties must set and stick to the stipulated time lines. Every effort should be made to go by the set dates as failure to do so could lead to either party incurring additional charges including penalties, storage and demurrage charges.

Flexibility in delivery date
Some car movers may not be very strict on the car owners' adherence to the pick up date as they will extend the owner to the vehicle some grace period. In the same breath, the owner of the car should be ready to allow the shipping company some extension by not fixing specific date. The date extension is meant to take care of any eventualities which may arise. Adverse weather and mechanical break downs are some of the unforeseen problems that may cause the auto move to be delayed. However, such delays should be within a reasonable time frame.

Pick up and delivery points
The auto move guidelines should spell out the area from which the car is to be picked or dropped. Samples of the required guidelines can be found at Car movers may promise to pick the car from one's parking area and deliver it to their new parking lot at their new house. However, this may not possible due to accessibility issues. Since many car movers use huge rigs to transport the shipped car from the point of entry to the location specified by the owner, there might be problems of accessibility. In such an event, the owner of the car ends up losing out as the vehicle will not be delivered to his / her designated location. Those aiming for a house call deliver must ensure that neighborhoods can accessed by the mover's equipments.

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